16.08.2022 | OFAC Sanctions Senior Liberian Government Officials for Public Corruption

OFAC yesterday designated the Solicitor General and Chief Prosecutor of Liberia, Sayma Syrenius Cephus, under the Global Magnitsky Sanctions program for his alleged involvement in corruption.

This follows our joint report in May 2022 with Omnia Strategy LLP into allegations made by his department against a leading political opponent to the government, Alexander Cummings, which we showed were without merit.

In June 2022, shortly after the release of our report, Mr Cephus announced that the Ministry of Justice had decided to drop all charges against Mr Cummings and his co-accused. In its press release, OFAC explicitly cites Mr Cephus’ alleged involvement in “tampering with and purposefully withholding evidence in cases involving members of opposition political parties to ensure conviction” as conduct forming a basis of his designation.

You may read the press releases by Omnia Strategy LLP/Alaco and the US Treasury via the following links.

Alaco Limited and Omnia Strategy press release

OFAC press release

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