Why Sudanese are wary of outside influence as they press for civilian rule

Sudanese protesters camped outside military headquarters in Khartoum are aware of the dangers of outside interference in their revolution. more >

The great hedge: why the Philippines is mending fences with the US

Worried by Chinese militarism, President Duterte turns to an old ally for support.more >

Old problems resurface in Zimbabwe

Hopes of an influx in investment in post-Mugabe era flounder, amid worsening finances and political violence.more >

Cash-rich Islamic State may have stashed up to $300 million in hopes of fighting on

While the group no longer has the billions it earned through extortion and smuggling, it has salvaged enough to remain a serious threat. more >

Will Ukraine’s election signal a new direction?

Elections this weekend may see the country step up its thus-far lacklustre reform efforts. more >

Ukraine anti-corruption record under scrutiny in election run-up

Corruption is a top election issue as Ukrainians prepare to go to the polls, with many critical of the authorities efforts to stamp out the problem.more >

Europe’s bid to salvage Iran nuclear deal under threat

A new trading channel circumventing US sanctions may falter over some Iranian lawmakers’ reluctance to adopt international financial regulations.more >

Can the West’s financial squeeze end the Maduro regime?

Venezuela’s president is facing mounting pressure to give up power as the international community suggest unknown Juan Guaidó to run the oil-rich country. more >

Ethiopia’s efforts to draw investors are undermined by ethnic violence

The country appears to be on the road to democracy and economic progress but ethnic divisions could prove to be an obstacle. more >

China rushes to dominate global supply of lithium

Beijing’s race to control supplies of lithium, used in powering electric cars, is leaving its rivals far behind.more >

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