Bolsonaro controversies mask economic progress in Brazil

Investors welcome the Brazilian president’s ambitious reform programme but worry about his apparent disdain for the environment.more >

Political and economic shock triggers interest in Bitcoin

The currency’s new-found low volatility strengthens its ‘digital gold‘ credentials.more >

Can Putin deliver his constitutional reforms?

Vladimir Putin’s momentous constitutional reform proposals are seen as a means of enabling him to retain power and influence after he steps down from the presidency in 2024. The proposed changes are wide-ranging, overhauling Russia's system of governance. They will be put to a referendum but, even if they are approved, their sheer scale may make them difficult to implement. more >

China’s Belt and Road ventures run into trouble in Kazakhstan

The Chinese and Kazakh governments insist all is well but there are signs of strain on the ground. more >

What lies behind oligarch impunity in Ukraine

Efforts to investigate financial crimes have been largely unsuccessful due to endemic corruption within the judiciary.more >

Soleimani killing puts spotlight on Iraqi militias

The US killing of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani has focused attention on Iran's involvement in Iraq, in particular its support for Shia militias, or Popular Mobilisation Forces.more >

Questions raised over Mexican leader’s war on graft

Lopez Obrador looks to be fulfilling his pledge to tackle corruption but his attitude towards independent institutions does not bode well. more >

Health checks for FDI projects could boost emerging market investment

US-led vetting and certification of big-ticket projects may go a long way to allaying western investor concerns about rule of law and transparency issues.more >

Regardless of the future, Libra has made its presence felt

Facebook’s controversial cryptocurrency may not survive the scrutiny, but the debate it has sparked has done much to progress digital asset regulation.more >

Can blockchain help to rid tech products of ‘conflict minerals’?

Distributed ledger technology used in efforts to remove minerals linked to conflicts from supply chains – but it doesn’t have all the answers. more >

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