on assignment, Moscow

on assignment, Moscow

19.09.2018 | What next for Zimbabwe?

Alaco director Adrian Stones last week gave a talk on Zimbabwe’s recent elections and prospects at an Alaco Insight event, held at the Special Forces Club.

A former British diplomat in Harare, Adrian drew on his knowledge of the country and contacts to set the scene for the historic ballot - the first since the ousting of Robert Mugabe - and explore the economic and political challenges facing the new government of President Emerson Mnangagwa.

Adrian also provided an intriguing presentation on the undemocratic nature of Mugabe-era elections to underline the significance of the latest ballot. Although marred by violence and alleged irregularities, Adrian concluded that it was a substantial improvement on previous polls – and probably sufficiently credible for financial institutions and investors considering engagement.

Alaco Insight events are a regular series of talks by members of staff and friends of Alaco on topical political, economic and business issues.

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