on assignment, Moscow

on assignment, Moscow

12.05.2016 | New Global Sanctions Guide

Alaco has launched a comprehensive, easy-to-use guide to international sanctions, designed to help businesses navigate the growing number of trade and investment restrictions affecting different jurisdictions around the world.

Updated quarterly, the Alaco Guide to Sanctions provides an overview of all the sanctions programmes operated by the EU, the US, the UN and Switzerland, including detail on restrictions in place, implementation timelines and links to the underlying official documentation.

The guide distils the raft of often dense sanctions-related trade regulations and legal documents into concise notes that enable readers quickly to assess the risks of doing business in developing world markets. “Our guide is a time-saving tool for companies who want to know how sanctions work and how to avoid being ensnared,” said James Birkett, Alaco Senior Associate.

As businesses look to invest in emerging economies, they become vulnerable to sanctions programmes spanning large parts of Africa and Asia. “While many restrictions are no longer in the news, they continue to be maintained, presenting regulatory and reputational risks long after the issue that led to the imposition of sanctions has dropped out of the headlines,” added Birkett.

For busy executives, navigating the sanctions landscape can be both onerous and time consuming. “Sanctions lists are a moving target. Very few have sunset clauses. Some are constantly amended. Others contract over time. Consequently, entities and individuals are frequently coming on or off sanctions lists. Keeping abreast of these changes is something international companies need to do. But doing so is challenging,” said Adrian Stones, Alaco’s Director of Operations.

Even the most vigilant business can be easily caught out unless they track developments in sanctions programmes. “Companies may find themselves inadvertently dealing with sanctioned entities, leaving them vulnerable to potentially huge fines and reputational damage. Or having invested heavily in an emerging market, they might discover down the line that a key counterparty is subject to an embargo, potentially jeopardising their investment,” added Stones.

To find out more about the Alaco Guide to Sanctions, or to enquire about subscription, please contact James Birkett (jbirkett@alaco.com)

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