South America: illegal gold mining profits soar

Authorities in Peru and Colombia struggle to counter the criminal networks and paramilitaries controlling unlicensed gold extraction, whose profitability has now surpassed cocaine trafficking. more >

Bridge Building in the Middle East

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are planning to build a bridge across the Red Sea in order to bolster their economic prospects and reinforce the Saudi-led Sunni bloc.more >

What’s behind Erdogan’s confrontation with Germany?

Turkish President’s muscle-flexing is the latest sign of a clear shift in the dynamic between the two countries.more >

Panama papers reporting plays into Kremlin’s hands

Exaggerated claims by western media of Putin’s links to tax havens have enabled Moscow to dismiss the reports as attempts to destabilise Russia.more >

Panama leaks - the new normal?

The "Panama papers" affair is only the latest in a series of major confidential information leaks to have made headlines around the world – and it is unlikely to be the last. more >

Oman: Iran’s best friend in the Gulf

The sultanate of Oman appears set to play a key role in Iran’s efforts to reintegrate into the regional and global economy. While other Middle Eastern states kept their distance during Iran’s years of isolation, Oman stuck with its longtime trading partner and is now set to reap the benefits, as the two countries move ahead with large-scale joint economic initiatives.more >

Demoralised Moldovans’ vain bid for union with Romania

Some Western diplomats and experts increasingly question the sustainability of debt- and corruption-ridden Moldova. Not so long ago, they deemed the tiny state to be a European success story, but it has become a symbol of economic failure following last year’s revelations of a $1bn bank fraud and a multi-billion-dollar money-laundering scandal, both implicating senior officials.more >

Indian tycoon’s debts reveal banking weaknesses

Indian banks’ struggle to recoup debts owed by drinks baron Vijay Mallya has exposed the country’s weak banking laws.more >

Long dormant Nagorno-Karabakh dispute resurfaces

Upsurge in fighting offers investors a salutary lesson – frozen conflicts can flare up without much warning.more >

Swiss banks begin to voluntarily enforce UK freezing orders

Switzerland appears to be shedding its reputation as a safe haven for the assets of fleeing debtors. more >

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