Water conflicts overshadow Ethiopia’s energy ambitions

Ethiopia’s bid to become one of Africa’s leading renewable energy producers has been plagued by simmering controversies over two of its principal hydro-electric projects. more >

Iran’s elections – one less hurdle for investors?

Although reformers have made substantial gains in Iran’s parliamentary elections, the hardliners continue to control key institutions and President Hassan Rouhani will have to find a way of working with them to introduce the reforms necessary to encourage foreign investment.more >

Georgia eyes pivotal Silk Road role

The South Caucasus republic of Georgia is aiming to become a key transit hub along China’s Silk Road Economic Belt, but it may be pinning too much hope on the project.more >

Will Myanmar’s wait-and-see investors take the plunge?

There has been renewed interest among investors in Myanmar following the National League for Democracy’s landslide election victory last November. While many risks remain, the success of some companies that had already invested in Myanmar in recent years underlines the country’s potential.more >

To Armenia, Iran looks like a land of opportunity

Armenians are guardedly optimistic that increased trade with Iran following the lifting of international sanctions will ease their regional isolation. more >

There are still many investment hurdles to overcome for business with Iran

Businesses looking to enter the Iranian market following the lifting of a nuclear-related international embargo in January 2016 need to tread cautiously. Aside from a raft of political and regulatory obstacles in Iran, some western sanctions remain in place, posing a number of challenges.more >

Pressure grows on Ukraine’s President Poroshenko over defector’s corruption accusations

Disillusioned former allies of Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko have broken a taboo on accusing him of corruption. Now a whole host of political foes are likely to follow suit. more >

Argentina on the hunt for drug smugglers’ assets

President Mauricio Macri is intensifying domestic anti-money laundering efforts as part of a wider crackdown on drug trafficking, which has proliferated in recent years and led to increased levels of violence throughout the country. more >

Competition boost for the Israeli energy market

The discovery of a third major gas field in Israel could introduce much-needed competition into the country’s energy sector. more >

Is Mozambique ill-prepared for the predicted energy windfall?

Mozambique is forecast to become a leading energy supplier following the discovery of huge gas reserves. But if the government fails to tackle a raft of challenges, it may succumb to the resource curse that has plagued many other resource-rich African countries. more >

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