A rise in crime in Ukraine casts a shadow over police reform

A much heralded new police force appears to be struggling to deal with an upsurge in criminality, further undermining confidence in the government’s reforms. more >

Argentinian nerves jangle as Macri overhauls the economy

The country’s President has prescribed some tough economic medicine in an effort to attract foreign investment. more >

Russian innovation stymied by brain drain

Russia’s attempts to encourage technological innovation are being undermined by its failure to stem the emigration of many of its brightest minds.more >

Italian banking crisis deepens

A post-Brexit fall in shares and anxiety over EU stress test results have compounded the problems faced by the country’s troubled banks.more >

Taliban loot Afghan mineral riches

Illegal mining is fuelling the Taliban insurgency, threatening to turn the country’s vast mineral wealth into a ‘resource curse’.more >

Vladimir Putin’s sports strategy is in tatters after Russia Rio ban

The Russian president’s attempts to project his country’s strength through sporting success have been dealt a huge blow.more >

Mongolia gropes for path out of economic hangover

FT beyond.brics.com Mongolia: Mongolia’s economic recovery will depend on the new government’s ability successfully to engage with foreign partners.more >

Struggling Zimbabwe hoping for financial lifeline

Protests over the dire state of the economy gain traction as donors consider bailing out the debt-ridden country. more >

Putin adds soft power to his armoury

The Russian President looks to win hearts and minds with his own unique approach to international persuasion. more >

Colombia at risk of post-FARC instability

The Colombian government looks set to sign a peace deal to end its decades-long conflict with FARC, but organised crime groups seem poised to fill the power vacuum left by the rebels.more >

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