Tajik leader tightens grip amid crackdown on the opposition

Voters in Tajikistan overwhelmingly backed constitutional changes allowing the authoritarian president, Emomali Rahmon, to rule indefinitely. But while the vote has strengthened Rahmon’s position in the short term, he presides over an increasingly fragile state.more >

Is Venezuela on the brink?

Anti-government protests spreading across the country as the economy collapses.more >

Alaco Guide to Sanctions: Big changes in long-standing embargos

The lifting of the international nuclear-related sanctions against Iran, the expansion of economic restrictions targeting North Korea and the easing of American sanctions on Cuba, are some of the main developments in the latest quarterly update of Alaco’s Guide to Sanctions.more >

Why states struggle to repatriate looted assets?

From Africa to the Far East, countries aiming to recover assets embezzled by former leaders and officials are facing a raft of challenges. more >

IKEA’s troubled history in Russia

The expansion problems faced by the retailer in Russia highlight the extent of petty and systematic corruption among local officials. more >

Nazarbayev faces land privatisation protests

Opposition to agricultural reform rattles President Nursultan Nazarbayev as he attempts to tackle a deepening economic crisis.more >

South America: illegal gold mining profits soar

Authorities in Peru and Colombia struggle to counter the criminal networks and paramilitaries controlling unlicensed gold extraction, whose profitability has now surpassed cocaine trafficking. more >

Bridge Building in the Middle East

Egypt and Saudi Arabia are planning to build a bridge across the Red Sea in order to bolster their economic prospects and reinforce the Saudi-led Sunni bloc.more >

What’s behind Erdogan’s confrontation with Germany?

Turkish President’s muscle-flexing is the latest sign of a clear shift in the dynamic between the two countries.more >

Panama papers reporting plays into Kremlin’s hands

Exaggerated claims by western media of Putin’s links to tax havens have enabled Moscow to dismiss the reports as attempts to destabilise Russia.more >

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