Ethiopia’s advance in jeopardy

Foreign investment has been driving Ethiopia’s rapid economic growth, but progress is being imperilled by unprecedented anti-government protests.more >

Russia’s ‘monotowns’ face imminent collapse

Remote, long-forgotten industrial towns rarely make the front pages in Russia, never mind internationally. But for a few days in September Norilsk, home to the world’s largest producer of nickel and palladium, hit the headlines, although for all the wrong reasons.more >

Why Lebanon’s Power Struggle Is Fueled By A Loss Of Saudi Support

Saudi Arabia's break with a Sunni ally in Lebanon could jeopardize a fragile political balance.more >

Egypt’s IMF programme to hit 30m poor

Since taking office in mid-2014, President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has pursued the twin goals of maintaining social order and breathing life into the country’s sclerotic economy. He has been relatively successful with the former but has struggled with the latter. In desperate need of economic stimulus, he is now courting the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the nemesis of Egypt’s presidents-of-old. That may provide much-needed fiscal stability, but can he introduce Fund-mandated reforms without fuelling social tensions?more >

Israel Faces Gas Export Challenge

Forbes.com Despite promising potential reserves and a favorable regulatory framework, Israeli offshore gas exploration is a tough sell. more >

Myanmar and China look to build bridges

Myanmar has sought to repair relations with China in an apparent effort to help resolve its long-running civil war and spur economic growth. more >

Merkel is down, but not out

While recent electoral setbacks have hurt Angela Merkel, they do not diminish her chances of re-election.more >

For Putin’s United Russia, Another Election Victory is in the Bag

newsweek.com The ruling party keeps ruling as an election without genuine choice approaches. more >

China’s meddling spawns Hong Kong separatists

Beijing’s attempt to stifle democracy in the former British territory lies behind the electoral success of pro-independence activists. more >

Thai military sets a risky course

Recent bombings send a warning to army leaders as they consolidate their grip on power.more >

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