Japan Joins China in Central Asia investment push

Japan has launched a big economic drive in Central Asia, just as China forges ahead with its ambitious Silk Road Economic Belt project that will see huge investment in the former Soviet republics. Could Tokyo’s move be an attempt to counter Beijing’s deepening involvement in the region?more >

Russia’s digital dissidents defy Kremlin crackdown

Having muzzled Russian broadcasters and newspapers, President Vladimir Putin appears determined to bring social media to heel. A raft of restrictive measures has been introduced over the last couple of years. How effective they will be remains to be seen. more >

Russia/Chinese alliance suffers economic strains

Russian President Vladimir Putin lauded his country’s growing strategic partnership with China on a visit to Beijing in September 2015. “Russian-Chinese ties have now reached a peak,” he told reporters at a ceremony to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. And in many respects, Putin and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping have much to be pleased about. The two leaders get on very well, and military and security cooperation has reached unprecedented levels. more >

Ukraine: no early thaw in frozen conflict

While the West remains reluctant to confront Russia directly, Ukraine is unlikely to secure the levels of investment and support that it would like, writes Adrian Stones from the Yalta summit.more >

Buhari wins Nigerian election

General Muhammadu Buhari has become the first opposition leader to defeat an incumbent in a Nigerian presidential election. more >

Hidden risk in infrastructure projects

Understanding risks such as corruption and political exposure should be central to decision-making in major infrastructure projects.more >

OFAC Ukraine-related designations

OFFICE OF FOREIGN ASSETS CONTROL Specially Designated Nationals List Update more >

Yanukovych’s Ouster: The Financial Fallout

On 17th March 2014 the European Union and United States imposed travel bans and asset freezes on past and present Russian and Ukrainian officials and politicians. The imposition was a response to the events surrounding the referendum vote held the day before in Crimea. Included on Washington’s list, though not named by Brussels, is Viktor Medvedchuk, the politically active oligarch who bitterly opposed the protests that culminated in President Viktor Yanukovych’s ouster. more >

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