Amid trade war tensions, is Israel getting too close to China for America’s comfort?

Chinese redevelopment of an Israeli port heightens American concerns over its ally’s growing commercial relationship with Beijing.more >

Sanctions are just the beginning for Iran

The economic blow to Tehran will be compounded if it fails to comply with global financial transparency rules.more >

DRC elections to see Kabila finally leave the stage

After two years of procrastination, the DRC President agrees to step down but the transfer of power may not be so smooth. more >

Western Sahara talks revive green energy hopes

Resolution to the conflict could provide the missing piece to Morocco’s green energy jigsaw. more >

A possible upside to the US-China trade war

Southeast Asian countries may gain from shifting production linked to the tit-for-tat tariff dispute.more >

The seeds of Venezuela’s economic crisis

As conditions continue to deteriorate, Alaco explains how under-investment in and mismanagement of the country’s energy resources foreshadowed the country’s dire financial problems.more >

Seoul is testing US patience over North Korea sanctions

South Korea's Moon Jae-in risks breaching American and UN measures in wooing Pyongyang.more >

How lack of international cooperation may limit impact of US sanctions on Iran

America's unilateral withdrawal from the international nuclear deal may undermine enforcement of its snapback sanctions, aimed at wringing new concessions from Tehran. more >

As US sanctions against Tehran bite, Iranian hackers suspected of targeting Gulf businesses

Energy companies amongst organisations in the cross-hairs, raising concerns over retaliation for US restrictions on Iranian oil exports more >

Khashoggi affair raises questions over Saudi Crown Prince’s future

Calls for removal of heir to the throne likely to intensify following news of journalist's death.more >

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