on assignment, Sana'a

on assignment, Sana'a

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Calm returns to Nigeria’s oil-producing Delta - but for how long?

While a fragile truce is allowing Nigeria to step up oil output, a resolution of the crisis is likely to take some time.more >

US sanctions: some red lines are redder than others

Just as the US imposes new sanctions on Syria for chemical weapons attacks, it eases measures against Sudan despite evidence of similar abuses.more >

Warsaw’s turf war

The capital grapples with a property ownership controversy that has caused a political storm.more >

Nuclear deal looms large as Iran’s presidential election approaches

Ebrahim Raisi has emerged as a strong conservative contender who can take advantage of the disappointment with the meagre dividends from the end of sanctions.more >

Foreign investors resuscitating Egypt’s sickly economy

Many fled after the fall of Mubarak, but they are now showing renewed interest as reforms linked to a major IMF loan take effect.more >

Can Macri mend Argentina’s economy before October’s elections?

While there is evidence of economic green shoots, President Macri is finding it hard to secure foreign direct investment as an important electoral test of his reforms approaches.more >

Russia emerges as a wheat superpower

Russian grain producers lead agricultural revival that has seen record food exports. more >

How India’s demonetisation experiment is defying the odds

While demonetisation appears to be defying expectations, opinion remains divided over the speed and secrecy of the move. more >

As presidential election nears, Iran’s hardliners flex their muscles

Emboldened conservatives look set to step up their influence over the country whether they win or not.more >

Will Trump’s demand for reforms halt US-Cuba rapprochement?

Market forces and economic needs may lead to further engagement, despite Republicans' criticism of Obama's diplomacy.more >

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