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on assignment, Sana'a

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South Korea shaken by leadership scandal

President Park has offered to resign over sensational graft allegations, but will the affair lead to more concerted efforts to curb corruption among the country’s business and political elites?more >

Could Trump help revive Russia’s economy?

The cornerstone of Vladimir Putin’s strategy for political longevity has been his projection of Russia as a besieged fortress fighting off the menacing encroachment of the US and other western powers. By presenting himself as the only leader capable of protecting Russia from those who seek to undermine her, the authoritarian president has skilfully managed to distract his people from the rapidly deteriorating economic conditions that would doubtless sink the leader of a more democratic country.more >

Merkel’s reinvention opens way for global role

The German Chancellor has deftly transformed herself from a competent manager of government factions and her country’s economic interests into a principled stateswoman who could now have an important role to play on the world stage. more >

Why diamonds could be about to lose their luster

The growth of man-made stones is undermining the perception of diamonds as luxury purchases. more >

Doubts raised over Georgia’s pro-Western course

The government’s appetite for further European integration may weaken under the influence of a growing wave of Georgian populism. more >

US sanctions hold up investment in Iran

Many western investors are keen to enter the Iranian market following the removal of nuclear-related sanctions, but fear breaking residual American measures.more >

Germany jittery over Chinese takeovers

A series of recent Chinese takeovers of Germany’s top tech companies has unnerved many Germans who fear the trend could undermine the economy. Germany has always been more comfortable as an investor than a recipient of investment, with the Chinese shopping spree sparking a wave of protectionist sentiment, which some German politicians are looking to exploit.more >

Why Moldova’s first presidential election in 15 years reveals an artificial divide

Moldovans preparing to elect a new president later this month are being asked to choose between pro-European Union and pro-Russian candidates in a ballot that reflects the polarization of the political landscape. But, unlike neighboring Ukraine, these distinctions are artificial and misleading, only serving to mask the avarice and cynicism of many of the country’s politicians - something Brussels and Moscow are all too aware of.more >

Sri Lanka’s regional hub ambitions face opposition

Sri Lanka is set to sign a major trade deal with India later this year, which it hopes will be the first step towards the island becoming a financial and business hub in the region. But the government of Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe will have to work harder to win over domestic opponents of the Economic and Technological Cooperation Agreement (ETCA) who fear it will result in the country’s exploitation by Indian businesses. more >

Israel’s plan to supply the Arab World with energy is under threat in Jordan

A campaign in Jordan against a gas deal with Israel underlines the challenges in building ties.more >

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