on assignment, Sana'a

on assignment, Sana'a

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Is Ecuador set to defy Latin America’s shift to the right?

A left-wing candidate is leading the polls in the country’s upcoming presidential election, but a corruption scandal implicating his party may make it a close-run contest. more >

Investors unnerved by Turkish turmoil

Many investors appear to have taken fright at Turkey's instability and the course that President Erdogan has set.more >

Brussels faces mounting calls for whistle-blower protection

European parliamentarians and civil society groups want legal safeguards for those prepared to disclose wrongdoing.more >

Russia makes big play for Iranian trade

Moscow seizes the opportunity to strengthen economic ties with Tehran as western investors sit on the sidelines.more >

Tensions rise as Algeria’s leaders feud and the economy stagnates

Preoccupied with a power struggle sparked by the President’s failing health, the country’s top officials appear to have little desire to implement reforms aimed at weaning the country off its dependence on oil.more >

A matter of perception – the rise of TI’s corruption ranking

Transparency International’s CPI index is seen as the leading survey of global corruption, although questions over its scope suggest it should be used in conjunction with other measures of graft and governance.more >

‘Conflict gold’ blights the Democratic Republic of Congo

While efforts to regulate the mining sector in DRC have made some progress, gold produced in mines controlled by armed groups continues to enter supply chains.more >

Trump’s Isolationism will allow China to dominate Southeast Asia

As American influence over Southeast Asia looks likely to recede, China's economic muscle could change the entire politics of the region.more >

Is Russian activist Navalny falling into Putin’s trap?

By putting himself forward as a candidate in Russia’s presidential race, the anti-corruption-activist-turned-politician risks jeopardising his political future and the opposition’s prospects.more >

New anti-corruption role for civil society mooted

On International Anti-Corruption Day, Alaco reviews an innovative bid by British parliamentarians to boost efforts to root out graft.more >

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