on assignment, Sana'a

on assignment, Sana'a

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Can Latvia clean up its troubled banking sector?

US pressure prompts anti-money laundering measures but also exposes limitations of European regulatory oversight.more >

Insight Report: Rise of Arab startups offers hope for region’s sluggish economies.

New digital businesses, following in the footsteps of western counterparts, are starting to change the Arab world’s economic landscape. more >

Saudi Arabia woos Iraq to stem Iranian influence

Riyadh has forged an unlikely alliance with Baghdad's new kingmaker, Muqtada al-Sadr, a Shi'ite militant-turned-Iraqi nationalist. But do the Saudis have the self-control not to push Iran too hard, and too far?more >

Angola’s unlikely reformer

Derided as a puppet of the former dos Santos regime, President Joao Lourenco is proving his doubters wrong.more >

New twist in US sanctions policy on Russia

The latest US measures against Russia have generated headlines, not least because of their apparent randomness. In this Alaco podcast, we assess the significance and implications of the sanctions for western businesses and investors. more >

Scandal-hit Najib poised for Malaysia poll victory as 1MDB concerns fade

Prime minister likely to be re-elected despite state investment fund affair more >

Pakistan’s risky reliance on China set to grow

A fall out with the US could leave Pakistan more vulnerable to Chinese economic muscle.more >

South America’s shift to the right still to bear economic fruit

Progress on market reforms appears to be stalling amid resistance from opposition-dominated parliaments and fears of populist backlashes.more >

Is Putin raiding Russia’s banks?

An overhaul of the country's private banks gathers momentum, raising concerns in some quarters. more >

Race to exploit Mediterranean gas raises regional hackles

Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Israel and Lebanon vie over claims to gas reserves more >

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