on assignment, Sana'a

on assignment, Sana'a

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Tunisia’s anti-corruption efforts threatened by controversial amnesty plans

A new wave of arrests comes as the authorities consider pardon for Ben Ali-era cronies.more >

Australians fret over surging Chinese investment in property market

Housing bubble aside, some investors may be breaching foreign ownership regulations and laundering money.more >

As strongholds fall ISIS is rushing to funnel money out of Syria and Iraq

The group is smuggling funds into neighbouring countries then laundering them through the financial system.more >

Making sense of the Qatar crisis

The Saudi-led Gulf alliance’s move against the tiny state has been dramatic, but it is the culmination of tensions that have been brewing for many years.more >

Labour offers new thinking on addressing supply chain risks

If, as expected, the Conservatives triumph in Thursday’s general election, they would do well to consider adopting some of their rivals’ ideas around corporate accountability, a growing concern among the general public.more >

Middle East challenges to dispute resolution professionals

Despite new arbitration and enforcement laws in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States – and even Dubai – remain challenging jurisdictions for the enforcement of international arbitral awards and judgments. more >

Re-empowered Rouhani still faces struggle to woo investors

Iran’s investment prospects remain bleak, despite its reformist leader’s emphatic re-election victory.more >

India and China’s tug of war over Sri Lanka

India sets out to exert greater economic influence to check China’s efforts to turn the island into a maritime hub along its planned ‘One Belt, One Road’ trading route.more >

Netanyahu under pressure as media corruption and graft probes gather pace

Investigations shine a light on the controversial role of newspapers and business in Israeli politics.more >

Brazil’s Temer faces biggest challenge yet

Temer pushes ahead with unpopular reforms as corruption allegations threaten to hobble his government. more >

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